13 Popular Vintage Toys Baby Boomers Probably Didn’t Know Began with Their Generation

Do You Remember These Toys from the 1950s and 1960s?

Kid with Slinky in 1960s

Photo credit: SitcomsOnline.com

If you are a part of the baby boomer generation, you fondly remember what it was like to grow up in a time when simply being a kid without a care in the world was far more important than the latest clothing trend or newest version of the iPhone. Back in the day you used to actually play like a kid too — riding your bike outside, playing board games on rainy days and reading comic books in your backyard treehouse. Though times and toys have changed since you were a kid, there are still some toys that today’s young adults remember playing with, but don’t know were first introduced when you were a child.

These 13 toys make baby boomers like you infinitely cooler than this generation — because you were the first to ever play with them! Did your favorite toy make the list?

1.) Troll Dolls

The Original Troll Doll 1960s

Photo credit: Pinterest

Yes, you were the first to ever rub a troll doll’s hair for good luck if you were a kid in the 1960s. Troll dolls were a pop culture phenomenon back then — and way before they made a comeback in the 90s.

2.) Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head Original

Photo credit: Love to Know

Speaking of playing with odd-looking figures, baby boomers like you also remember creating funny faces on a potato that went by the name of Mr. Potato Head (who looks quite different — and less scary — today!). And if you were one of the very first to play with one of these, your parents purchased you a funny face kit that you used on REAL potatoes before the plastic counterpart was introduced.

3.) Barbie Dolls

Original Barbie Doll

Photo credit: imgarcade.com

Does Barbie really need a description? This doll is still an icon today having gone through quite the metamorphosis over the years to change with the times. But guess what? You’re much cooler than today’s generation of Barbie fans, because you combed the original Barbie’s hair and dressed her up in the first of all Barbie fashions.

4.) Matchbox Cars

Before Hot Wheels, there were Matchbox cars. And even though they’re still around and collector’s items today, if you were born in the 50s, you were the first to ever open a box of original die-cast Matchbox cars. (Super cool considering Matchbox began using plastic packaging in the 80s!)

5.) The View-Master

Though the first stereoscopic viewer first appeared in 1939, it wasn’t until 1955 that View-Masters gained popularity, thanks in part to Disneyland. And yes, you were were one of the first to ever peer through one of these babies before those popular Muppets View-Master reels appeared in the 80s.

6.) Spirograph

Vintage Original Spirograph Toy

Photo credit: V&A Collections

Not every kid could be the most talented artist — unless they owned a Spirograph! And you are so much cooler than this generation of Spirograph artists because your masterpieces were the first to ever hang on the coveted refrigerator spot.

7.) Magic 8 Ball 

Original Magic 8 Ball

Photo credit: momaha.com

And not only could anyone be a fine artist back in the day, but any kid could also predict the future! If they owned a Magic 8 Ball, that is. And you, baby boomers, were the first generation to ever stay up all night at slumber parties giggling at the yes-no answers from your fortune-telling toy.

8.) The Slinky 

You’re so cool, baby boomer! You used to play with the Slinky before it came in colors and was made of plastic. But no matter the color of a Slinky, it’s always fun watching it walk down the stairs. And you were the first to ever witness such a crazy thing!

9.) Clue 

Original Clue Board Game

Photo credit: etailgifts.com

And when you’d get tired of your Slinky, you’d pull out all the board games! Especially on rainy days. And guess what? You were probably the first kid ever to play the game of Clue. Amongst other games that are making a comeback with classic board gamers of today.

10.) Comic Books 

Iron Man Comic Book First Series

Photo credit: My Comic Shop

You know what’s even cooler? You realized Iron Man was cool way before he came to the big screen! And if you were the coolest of cool, you read the first series of Iron Man in the 60s — amongst other great titles that are sought after by the comic book geeks of today.

11.) Plastic Army Men

Plastic Army Men

Photo credit: American Profile

If you were a baby boomer boy in the 1950s or 60s you used to go gaga over these little, plastic figurines. And whether you found some sort of sadistic joy in melting them under the hot sun or just loved setting them up for pretend battles, you got a kick out of these tiny army men before your children ever did.

12.) Betty Crocker Easy Bake Oven 

Easy Bake Oven 1969

Photo credit: MNHS.org

Speaking of melting things, little wannabe homemakers were overjoyed when the Easy Bake Oven was introduced to the masses in 1963. And if you were one of the lucky girls or boys to own one, you were very cool to your friends since you could bake them up some real treats during playtime. You’re also much cooler than later generations because the color of your vintage oven was much more awesome than the pink Easy Bake Ovens of today.

13.) The Big Wheel

Original Big Wheel Trike

Photo credit: OriginalBigWheel.us

And last, but not least, the coolest toy baby boomers had the pleasure of playing with first is the BIG WHEEL! Heck, if you were lucky to have one of these in the 80s you were the coolest kid on the block. But back in the 60s? You were just way too cool for school riding around on one of these!

Are there other toys from your baby boomer childhood that you’d add to our list? Let us know in the comments! Then add your favorite photos with you and your childhood toys to your Crestleaf Family Tree!