African-American Genealogy: 80 Top Resources for Finding Your African Ancestors

A Collection of African-American Genealogy Resources

African American Genealogy Resources If you’ve hit a brick wall in your African-American genealogy research, you’re definitely not alone! You’ll likely find it more difficult to find certain records than with other types of genealogy research if you have African and slave roots since record keeping for African Americans prior to the Civil War just wasn’t thought of.

But don’t get to frustrated just yet. There are plenty of great African-American genealogy resources available on and offline, so we compiled a list of 80 African-American ancestry links to help you fill in some genealogy research holes and add missing stories to your family tree.

From African-American surnames, to Freedmen’s Bureau records collections and helpful blogs, you’re likely to find a long lost family member by utilizing our list below.

Resources for Discovering your African-American Ancestors

African-American Census, Death & Marriage Records

Freedmen’s Bureau Records Collections

Freedmen's Bureau

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African-American Military Service Records

Immigration & Slave Trade Voyage Information

African-American Surname Search & Slave Names

African-American Newspapers, Magazines & Online Collections

Library Resources, Centers & Archives for African-American Genealogy Research

African-American Cemeteries, Monuments & Tombstones

LuLu Florida Slave Cemetery Sign

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Genealogical Societies, Groups & Organizations

Top African-American Genealogy Blogs & Additional Resources

African-American Genealogy

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Do you know of other African-American ancestry research resources missing from our list? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. saundra thompson johns

    Looking for the parents of Louis Gross who has a son Henry Gross that married Alice Brown. Alice and Henry lived in Fulton, Callaway County, Missouri. Also looking for the parents of John Wesley Coates. He lived in Fulton, Missouri as well.

  2. M. Howard Edwards

    Thank you very much for including the AAGSNC as a valuable resource for African based family history research. You have also included

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