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Is Your Family Tree Accurate? 3 Ways to Tell

Tips to Help You Check for Family Tree Inaccuracies

Is Your Family Tree Accurate? 3 Ways to TellAs genealogists, we can often get so excited about our ancestral discoveries that we may run straight to our family tree to input a date or name, but fail to check our fascinating finds for accuracy first. These inaccuracies won’t just give you a headache later as you attempt to connect the dots between certain ancestors, but can also make it more difficult for other genealogists to build upon your family tree.

Rule of thumb: you can’t always believe everything you hear through the grapevine, or even see with your own two eyes. This is why genealogists and family historians need to be sure that they check their research for accuracy before jumping ahead to conclusions. The following tips can help you check for inaccuracies in your family tree.

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Basic Principles for Storing Family Heirlooms Correctly

Don’t Learn the Hard Way! Here’s How to Store Your Priceless Family Keepsakes 

Tips for Storing Family Heirlooms CorrectlyIf you wish to keep your family’s legacy in tact for future generations, you should probably think twice about storing your priceless family jewelry and other vintage heirlooms in the basement or attic. Just as you should store old family photos in the proper manner to ward off deterioration and other damage, there are also right and wrong ways when it comes to storing family heirlooms. This is because temperatures and moist environments that are often found in basements and attics tend to fluctuate, which can completely destroy your favorite valuables and genealogical documents.

But how do you store family heirlooms correctly for posterity? The following tips offer basic storage guidance for your family treasures so that your relatives can enjoy their beauty and benefits for years to come.

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10 Free Historical Photo Sites for Finding Your Ancestors

Find Old Family Photos Using These Free Sites

10 Free Historical Photo Sites for Finding Your Ancestors

Photo Credit: Robin Hutton via Compfight cc

If you’re like us, you love flipping through old family photo albums to discover more about your family’s history. And if you’ve been fortunate enough to interview your elderly or extended family members, they’ve likely divulged some fun and interesting stories behind those photos that you’ve happily added to your family tree.

In addition to your old family photo albums, there are other great places to find old photographs of your ancestors, including historical photo websites you can use for free!

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10 Strangely Popular Recipes of the 1960s That Mom Used to Make

Do You Remember These Odd Retro Recipes of the 1960s?

One of the most enjoyable things to do while researching your family’s history is hunting for treasured family recipes to add to your family scrapbook. And, if you’re really lucky, you’ll stumble upon old recipes that will make you scratch your head and wonder why your family members used to make and eat some pretty crazy concoctions! You may also remember some strange meal ideas your mom would feed you (or try to!) when you were growing up.

10 Strange Recipes Mom Used to Make in the 1960s

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7 Common Genealogy Research Mistakes to Avoid

Guest Article by Lisa Lisson, Genealogist & Family Historian

Top Mistakes to Avoid When Researching Family's GenealogyGenealogy is one of today’s fastest growing hobbies, but getting started can be a bit overwhelming. Those new to genealogy often make mistakes. (That’s okay!)  Let’s talk about some common mistakes genealogists often make. After all, no one wants to spend all their time researching  a family only to discover they have connected to the wrong family tree!

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Crestleaf CEO Featured on “A Savory Spotlight” Radio Show

Learn All About Crestleaf’s Free Features from the CEO Himself

We’re so excited to share that Crestleaf CEO, Ryan Mapes, was featured on LA Talk Radio’s, A Savory Spotlight last week where delightful hosts Sheri and and Tina chatted him up about using Crestleaf‘s free, user-friendly features to digitize, organize and research your family history. If you ever wanted to learn more about Crestleaf, listen to the interview below for valuable information straight from the CEO himself.

Crestleaf CEO Featured on A Savory Spotlight Radio Show

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Jewish Genealogy: 101 Resources for Finding Your Jewish Ancestors

A Comprehensive Collection of Jewish Genealogy Resources

Researching your Jewish ancestry can be a much different venture than that of studying your Irish, Russian, German or African roots (to name just a few). In addition to surname research, vital records, archives and gravestones, there are a few other topics you’ll want to look into when conducting Jewish genealogy research. Because Judaism has been described as a religion, race, culture and nation, the Jewish people are like one big, extended family — making Jewish genealogy quite popular. Due to the large number of people who are studying their Jewish ancestry, there are many fantastic Jewish genealogy resources available on and offline to help you fill in your family tree with some newly discovered family stories.

Jewish Genealogy Resources

Photo credit: Yossi Nevo via Wikimedia Commons

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5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Digital Family Photos

Tips & Tools to Get Digitized Family Pictures Organized

How to Organize Digital Family Photos

Photo Credit: Ken_Mayer via Compfight cc

Now that you know how to scan family photos, create photo backups and make easy edits to your family pictures using online photo editors, it’s time to figure out the best digital family photo organizing method for you. There are many tips out there to help you organize family photos that are saved to your computer, but in the end, it comes down to efficiency and simplicity so you are more apt to stick with this very crucial part of your family history research.

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