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Expand Your Family Tree: 4 Effective Ideas

Fill in Empty Family Tree Branches with These Oft-Overlooked Research Tips

Expand Your Family Tree At one point or another, every genealogist takes a look at their family tree and wonders if it may be missing some information. Whether your family tree is already robust or the branches are fairly sparse, your family’s history can certainly be expanded upon — no matter how deep you are into your research. But how do you start expanding your family tree even if you think you’ve exhausted every potential resource?

The following genealogy research ideas for expanding your family tree could help you find even more detailed information on your family, plus discover ancestors you never even knew you had!

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Is Your Family Tree Accurate? 3 Ways to Tell

Tips to Help You Check for Family Tree Inaccuracies

Is Your Family Tree Accurate? 3 Ways to TellAs genealogists, we can often get so excited about our ancestral discoveries that we may run straight to our family tree to input a date or name, but fail to check our fascinating finds for accuracy first. These inaccuracies won’t just give you a headache later as you attempt to connect the dots between certain ancestors, but can also make it more difficult for other genealogists to build upon your family tree.

Rule of thumb: you can’t always believe everything you hear through the grapevine, or even see with your own two eyes. This is why genealogists and family historians need to be sure that they check their research for accuracy before jumping ahead to conclusions. The following tips can help you check for inaccuracies in your family tree.

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7 Things All Family Historians Should Know How to Do

Researching Your Family History? Learn How to Do These Things, First

Things All Family Historians Should Know How to DoEveryone can use a little bit of help with their family history research whether they’re just beginning a family tree, or have been conducting research for some time. Just as there are some basic guidelines everyone should follow when researching their families, there are also a few key skills that every family historian should master to get the most out of their research.

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I’m Adopted. How Do I Trace My Family Tree?

Family Tree Creation Tips for Adoptees

Family Tree Creation for People Who Are AdoptedSo, you’re adopted and you want to create a family tree. You’re probably wondering whether you should research your adoptive family, or your birth family. While some researchers think that family history and genealogy searches should be restricted to genetic ties only, adoptees know that bonds and love shared between adoptive parents and their children are equally important.

Because deciding which type of family tree to create is a personal choice only those who are adopted can make for themselves, the following tips can show you how to begin your tracing your adoptive family, birth family — and even combine both to create a family tree as unique as your own birth history.

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Fun Family History Research Ideas for Summer

These Activities Will Make Family History Research a Favorite Summer Pastime

Family History Research for SummerAh, summertime! While its longer, lazier days may be beckoning you to just bask in the sun, or head to the pool, you should also think about adding some family history research fun into your summer schedule. Family history activities abound in the summertime — whether they’re indoors, outdoors — or even outside of your hometown! This time of year is especially perfect for family history-related travel, and getting the children of your family involved in family tree building endeavors since they have more free time during the break from school.

Make summertime family time by adding these fun, family-friendly research ideas to your schedule this summer!

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4 Tips to Trace Female Ancestors of Your Family Tree

Find Elusive Women in Your Family by Following These Smart Tactics

If you’ve been digging through tangled up roots to discover female ancestors to add to your family tree, you’re not alone. While every family historian runs into brick walls during their research from time to time, stories about women from our familial past can be some of the most difficult to find. But while it’s a challenge for us all for a number of reasons, there are certainly tried-and-true tactics that can help you discover clues that lead to these elusive women.

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve compiled a list of a few tips that can help you trace female ancestors to reveal stories and names of the women in your family.

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8 Great Places to Find Your Ancestors’ Maiden Names

Find Family Maiden Names Using These Top Resources

8 Great Places to Find Your Ancestors' Maiden Names

Photo Credit: GSofV via Compfight cc

If you’re like most genealogists, your female ancestors have given you a hard time when it comes to locating their maiden names. But don’t be too angry or hold a family grudge! More often than not, we run into family maiden name brick walls because we aren’t searching for information in the best places.

So, don’t fret! You can find your ancestors’ maiden names and surnames. It just takes patience and searching through the right records in order to determine these vital pieces of your family’s history.

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5 Great Alternatives to Ancestry’s Family Tree Maker

Making the Switch from Family Tree Maker? Consider These Family Tree Software Alternatives

Family Tree Maker Alternatives You Have to TryAfter the surprising announcement earlier this month that Ancestry is retiring their Family Tree Maker software, you were probably left wondering, “So..what now?” If you’re a current Family Tree Maker user, you still have time to use the software’s Tree Sync feature through January 1, 2017. But, you may want to consider looking into other family tree building alternatives and special offers from family history websites sooner rather than later.

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5 Fun Family Holiday Traditions to Celebrate Your Family’s History

Discover Your Family’s Story by Starting New Holiday Traditions

5 Fun Family Holiday Traditions to Celebrate Family HistoryIf you’re already researching your family’s history, then you likely know how cultural traditions and family stories intertwine to give you a better understanding of your ancestors’ lives. And as you celebrate the holidays with extended family members this season, you may find that it’s the best time of year to start new family traditions that will help you learn more about your living relatives, and help you discover family stories.

Family holiday traditions play an important role in families as they can provide a sense of identity to both children and adults, strengthen family bonds and teach family values. Traditions surrounding the holiday season can also inspire new family stories year after year, which can aid future generations in their own family history research and help you with family tree creation today.

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10 Fantastic Family History Instagram Accounts Every Family Historian Should Follow

Stunning & Helpful Instagram Feeds to Help You Discover Your Ancestral Past

Genealogy & Family History Instagram Accounts to FollowLooking for a great place to store, organize and share your family stories? There’s an app for that. Instagram, the mobile app used for photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking allows you to capture family memories with your smartphone or tablet and instantly share your family’s story with the world.

The mobile social networking platform is quickly becoming an important tool for genealogists and family historians to utilize in terms of preserving family memories, learning new research tips, collaborating with family members on their family trees and connecting to others who are passionate about discovering their ancestral pasts.

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