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Free Resources for Finding Death Records Online

Where to Find Ancestors’ Death Records Online for Free

Where to Find Free Death Records Online for Genealogy

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If you’re on the hunt for an ancestor’s death certificate, you may not have to look too hard. This is because death records can often be some of the easiest types of vital records to find — especially when searching online. These records can also offer up some of the most valuable information and interesting tidbits that often lead to other genealogical discoveries and unknown ancestors to add to your family tree.

Death certificates may include your ancestor’s date and place of birth, names of other family members like parents, a spouse, their children and next of kin. Sometimes death records include information on your ancestor’s military service, a cause of death and even where your relative was buried which can be helpful as you conduct cemetery research.

But if you’re searching for death records online, where should you even begin? The following resources will aid you in your search as you begin to look for family members’ death records online — and they’re all free to use!

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Labor Union Ancestors: How to Find Them

Tips & Resources for Finding Your Labor Union Ancestors

It’s almost Labor Day! For most Americans this means a three-day weekend to enjoy the last moments of summer. But Monday, September 5 is more than just a federal holiday. In fact, the only reason we can hold our annual Labor Day cookouts with friends and family is because of our hard-working ancestors who participated in the U.S. labor movement. In 1880, the average American actually worked 12 hours per day! Your 9 to 5 job, employee benefits, paid vacations and a slew of other privileges wouldn’t exist without the formation of labor unions.

So, in addition to holding that annual cookout, think about spending some of your extra time this weekend to conduct genealogy research on your labor union ancestors. After all, they gave us the day off in the first place!

But where can you find information on your union ancestors, and how do you figure out if any of your ancestors belonged to unions? This article will offer resources and tips on finding your ancestors that belonged to labor unions so you can add their union stories to your family tree.

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8 Free Surname Databases for Discovering Your Ancestors

Find Genealogy Records by Searching These Free Surname Databases

Free Surname Databases for GenealogyOne of your primary focuses as a genealogist or family historian should undoubtedly be searching for surnames. Concentrating on surname searches is one of the most important ways of connecting our ancestral dots in order to identify relatives.

While the origins of surnames can help you uncover clues about your heritage and even where your ancient ancestors may have lived, researching surnames can also help you discover long-lost family members to add to empty branches on your family tree.

The following surname databases can aid you during the surname search process — and they’re free to use!

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Irish Genealogy Research Trips: 5 Tips for On-Location Success

How to Get the Most Out of Irish Genealogy Research Trips Abroad

Irish Genealogy Research Trips - 5 Planning Tips

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Thinking about taking a trip to Ireland to explore your ancestral homeland? While there are definitely plenty of Irish genealogy and family history resources available online, it’s always a good idea to add on-location research endeavors whenever you’re able. This is because some of your Irish ancestors aren’t searchable online at all! In fact, you may only be able to fill in those empty branches on your family tree by visiting Ireland itself.

But taking a genealogical vacation abroad is just part of the journey to learning more about your Irish roots. As you plan your Irish genealogy research trip, consider the following tips to get the most out of your Irish genealogy research excursion.

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5 New Genealogy Websites You Have to Try in 2016

Top Genealogy Websites from the RootsTech Innovator Showdown 

New Genealogy Websites for 2016Online genealogy research has come a long way in recent years. In this digital age where you can find genealogy records with just a few clicks of a mouse, and even collaborate with family members on virtual family trees, beginner and seasoned genealogists alike seem to have higher expectations when it comes to new advancements in genealogy research tools.

Recently, top genealogy and family history developers from all over the world have come together at RootsTech 2016 where 46 teams introduced their new and innovative genealogy websites, apps and tools to the masses. And while there can only be one winner at this year’s RootsTech Innovator Showdown, all of the finalists are winners in our big family history book.

The following list of some of our favorite, new and emerging genealogy websites from the RootsTech Innovator Showdown are as innovative as they are helpful!

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RootsTech 2016: 11 Essential Sessions for Beginner Family Historians

Attending RootsTech 2016? 11 Classes You Simply Can’t Miss 

RootsTech 2016 Classes for Beginner Family HistoriansIn just two weeks, the RootsTech 2016 family history conference and expo will kick off in Salt Lake City, Utah. This exciting event that takes place February 3 through 6, 2016, will bring together family historians and genealogists of all levels to help them discover new technology, tools, and insights for researching their family histories and building their family trees.

The classes offered at RootsTech 2016 are led by seasoned experts in the family history and genealogy fields and are sure to make the process of researching your family’s story easier than ever. Even if you’re just getting started on your research, attending any of the 28+ RootsTech classes for beginners will help you start your genealogical journey on the right foot.

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RootsTech 2016: 6 Excellent Reasons Why You Should Attend – Infographic

RootsTech Offers Helpful Insights & Tools to Beginner Family Historians

RootsTech 2016 - 6 Reasons to Attend this Family History Conference

See the Full Infographic Here –> Why Attend RootsTech 2016?

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to attend a family history conference this year, then you won’t want to miss the RootsTech 2016 conference and expo hosted by FamilySearch. The four-day family history event that will be held in Salt Lake City, Utah February 3 through 6, 2016, is an excellent place for family historians of all levels to learn helpful insights into researching their family stories — especially beginners! In fact, one of the RootsTech passes is geared toward those new to building their family tree.

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8 Great Places to Find Your Ancestors’ Maiden Names

Find Family Maiden Names Using These Top Resources

8 Great Places to Find Your Ancestors' Maiden Names

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If you’re like most genealogists, your female ancestors have given you a hard time when it comes to locating their maiden names. But don’t be too angry or hold a family grudge! More often than not, we run into family maiden name brick walls because we aren’t searching for information in the best places.

So, don’t fret! You can find your ancestors’ maiden names and surnames. It just takes patience and searching through the right records in order to determine these vital pieces of your family’s history.

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5 Great Alternatives to Ancestry’s Family Tree Maker

Making the Switch from Family Tree Maker? Consider These Family Tree Software Alternatives

Family Tree Maker Alternatives You Have to TryAfter the surprising announcement earlier this month that Ancestry is retiring their Family Tree Maker software, you were probably left wondering, “So..what now?” If you’re a current Family Tree Maker user, you still have time to use the software’s Tree Sync feature through January 1, 2017. But, you may want to consider looking into other family tree building alternatives and special offers from family history websites sooner rather than later.

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How to Use Pinterest to Plan a Genealogy Research Trip

Guest Article by Lisa Lisson, Genealogist & Family Historian

Genealogy Pinterest - Using Pinterest to Plan a Genealogy Research Trip

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Pinterest is a popular visual bookmarking and social media site. Did you know that when used creatively, Pinterest can be one of the best tools in a genealogist’s toolbox? Virtual bulletin boards can be created on whatever subject the pinner chooses. Pins can then be pinned to the relevant board on the user’s page.

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