’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds Challenge

We’re Challenging You to 12 Months of Fascinating Family Discoveries 

Need a helpful nudge to stay on top of your family history research and blogging goals? Well, you’re in luck, because the Crestleaf team is here to not only help you reach those important goals, but challenge you to a fun game of discovering 12 fascinating family finds this year to add to your Crestleaf Family Tree.'s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds

Over the past six months, the Crestleaf team has spent countless hours on the phone with our members to learn more about their incredible genealogical journeys. One of the most rewarding aspects of speaking with our members was learning that each of them has at least one (usually many!) fascinating stories to tell about discoveries they’ve made while building their family tree and researching their ancestors. We also found that some of these discoveries literally changed their lives. These discussions were the inspiration to’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds as a way to help others continue to push forward in their family research.

About’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds

The Challenge

Every month for one year, we’re challenging bloggers to engage in’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds where they’ll share one blog post each month detailing exciting, interesting, fascinating, unique or strange discoveries from their research.

Participation & Submission Rules

  • Publish a new blog post mentioning your fascinating family find once a month on any date of the month beginning in June 2015.
  • Be sure your blog title states, “’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds: [insert name of month].”
  • In the body of each fascinating finds blog post, add our’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds badge and link back to this blog post, so others can learn how to start their 12-month challenge.

You can also easily copy and paste this embed code:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” alt=”Crestleaf-12-Months-Fascinating-Family-Finds-Smaller-Badge”></a>

  • Want your blog post featured in our monthly recap? Simply email the link to your post to: “” with the subject line: “Fascinating Family Find Entry.”
  • Sharing your post on your social media profiles? Stay engaged with other participants and Crestleaf by using this hashtag: #12FamilyFinds 

The Benefits’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds challenge is a great way to not only discover your past, but also serves as a blogging prompt that will keep your family history or genealogy blog active and engaged with your readers and the online genealogy community as a whole.

Additional Benefits:

  • Posting your discoveries can help you and others connect their ancestral dots and identify long-lost relatives.
  • You won’t have to think about blog topics, so you can stay focused on your research!
  • Finds can be big or small — any find can be fascinating!
  • You can submit your fascinating find to Crestleaf where we’ll include your post in a monthly recap, on social media and our email blasts sending traffic to your blog.
  • The challenge will keep you and other researchers motivated to stay on track even when hitting brick walls.
  •’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds is truly a team effort of family historians and genealogists everywhere to motivate each other to reach their goals and connect the dots in their research. It’s a win for all!

Will you be participating in’s 12 Months of Fascinating Family Finds? Have any questions? Let us know in the comments. We’re here to help you stay on track — and have fun while you’re doing it!

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    You just helped me make my mind up to start one. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile but just haven’t done it.

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