These Famous Kin of Thomas Jefferson Will Surprise You

From Prince William to Paris Hilton — Yes, They’re All Related!

Thomas Jefferson. To Americans, the name itself rings of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And to this day, the third President of the United States is considered one of the truest, most steadfast patriots to have ever lived; a man who helped free the American colonies from British rule by helping to establish the Declaration of Independence.

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In addition to being the principal writer of one of the most treasured documents ever known, this Founding Father of the United States also played a hand in the creation of some other widely adored and influential United States Presidents — and even some famous celebrities.

This infographic highlights a number of Jefferson’s famous kin who undoubtedly share his good genes. Download the full version and see for yourself!

Former U.S. Presidential Kin to Thomas Jefferson

Famous Movie Stars Related to Thomas Jefferson

  • Brilliant actors and actresses of days past such as Humphrey BogartKatharine Hepburn and crooner, Bing Crosby, share Thomas Jefferson’s genes.
  • Western film hero, Randolph Scott is Thomas Jefferson’s 11th cousin, five times removed.
  • The most “bewitching” actress of them all, Elizabeth Montgomery, is his 11th cousin, seven times removed.
  • Even the late, great Superman, Christopher Reeve, shares a family bond with the third President of the United States.
  • Diamonds (and Presidents) are truly a girl’s best friend to Marilyn Monroe (Jefferson’s 14th cousin, six times removed).
  • One of the most notable A-list celebrities and movie stars of our time, Jennifer Lawrence (1st cousin, seven times removed), is also related to the third U.S. President.
  • And yes, even Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton (11th cousin, five times removed) shares the blood of one of the most influential Presidents to have ever taken office.

 More Famous Kin of Thomas Jefferson

Are there famous people whom you’ve been shocked to discover are related to you? Let us know!


5 thoughts on “These Famous Kin of Thomas Jefferson Will Surprise You

  1. Michael Meggison

    That is all nice that there are many 10th and 11th cousins, but how about famous direct descendants? Jefferson, even before the discovery of Sally Hemings’ children being Jefferson descendants, had the most descendants of any president. Are you suggesting not a single Jefferson direct descendant did anybody of note?

  2. Pauline Schwarz

    Thomas Jefferson is my 3rd cousin seven times removed. His great grandmother and my 7th great grandmother were sisters. But, I am not famous at all.

  3. Ben Hart

    Thomas Jefferson is my 1st. cousin 8 times removed. His aunt Mary Jefferson Turpin is my direct ancestor.

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