10 Online Genealogy Webinars You Should Be Attending

Online Genealogy Webinars

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The genealogy community is such a great place – so many people out there are willing to share their knowledge and provide tips and tricks that will make your own research methods better. It’s also an industry that remains a mystery in so many ways; after all, that’s the whole basis behind researching your family history and building a family tree.

So to help you learn more than ever, we’re providing you with ten of the best online genealogy webinars out there. Not familiar with what a “Webinar” is? Webinars are simply live meetings and presentations that take place over the Internet. Typically a leader initiates the webinar and presents or starts a discussion about a topic while others can join in via audio and/or video. It’s a great way to collaborate and share ideas amongst others. Some are presented every week, others are more sporadic, but all of them provide a wealth of information that every type of genealogist could use.

Top Genealogy Webinars

  • DearMYRTLE – This blog regularly offers a variety of workshops and webinars (such as “Mondays With Myrt”) to its readers, along with interviews with people in the industry. DearMYRTLE also creates many short subject videos on YouTube, including helpful study groups. Get an idea of everything the blog does with the introductory video below. In fact, Myrt (or Pat) runs the definitive guide to Genealogy Webinars online with www.GeneaWebinars.com, a centralized calendar and blog for all known genealogy related webinars and virtual presentations.

  • Legacy Family Tree Webinars – One of the best things about genealogy webinars is that they allow you to learn at your own pace. Legacy Family Tree is all about fostering that with free, on-demand access to its entire video archives, which includes 193 classes, 284 hours and 787 pages of instructor handouts). Best of all, all of their live genealogy webinars are free.
  • Family Tree DNA – Genetic genealogy and DNA ancestry testing are two of the most intriguing topics in the genealogy world these days. And with these Family Tree DNA webinars (which are open to customers and the general public with registration), you can learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about what will be the future of the industry. Be sure to check their calendar so you can catch all of their upcoming live webinars as well.
  • RootsMagic – There are a ton of archived genealogy webinars for you to choose from at RootsMagic. Looking for genealogy-related family gifts? Want to know how to map your family tree? Need more information on finding your family history in newspapers? Trying to figure out how to properly include pictures and other media in your research? RootsMagic has covered every pressing topic out there, making their webinars must-listen tools. Be sure to also check out the RootsMagicTV channel on YouTube for additional resources.

  • Family Tree Tours – Family Tree Tours – which provides group heritage tours, private genealogy tours, independent heritage trips and more – also offers a variety of online genealogy webinars centered around specific backgrounds (right now, the majority is based on German genealogy) and heritage trip tips.
  • Georgia Genealogical Society Webinars – Anyone can check out the society’s webinars and presentations, which cover a wide variety of topics, from utilizing social media in genealogy research to saving and preserving your research and much more.
  • Heritage Collector – If you’re looking for ways to stay organized while you continue your family history research, these are the perfect genealogy webinars for you.
  • Israel Genealogy Research Association – For those doing any sort of Jewish genealogy research, these are webinars definitely worth checking out. Whether you’re just starting to ask “How do I start my Jewish family research?” or you’ve been at it for a while, there is something for everybody.
  • Illinois State Genealogical Society – These genealogy webinars cover a huge range of topics (lots of things relevant to Illinois and Midwest genealogy, but also vital records, research strategies, etc.) and all live broadcasts of them are free to the public. After that, archived versions will be available to ISGS members.
  • Mesa FamilySearch Library - This collection of webinars for the genealogy world offers so many different things that anyone could find something valuable here. They vary in length too, perfect for listening whenever you have some free time.

Even More Genealogy Webinars

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