Are You My Relative? Family Relationship Chart and Infographic

Find out how you are related to others in your family…

Family Relationship Chart
The holidays are here, which means you’re going to be seeing a lot (too much?) of your extended family. And, like many of us, you might end up feeling confused as to how you’re even related to these people and start asking yourself questions like:

  • How exactly am I related to Uncle Bob, who I only see once a year?
  • There are a bunch of kids running around these days – how do they fit into the family tree?
  • How in the world do I fit into all of this?
  • Boy, these people are weird. Am I completely sure I’m related to them?

If only you had a handy family relationship chart that would map out exactly how all of the relationships in your family work.

Oh look, you do!

Thanks to the family relationship chart & infographic above (which you can also print off HERE or by clicking the image above), you can now easily identify all of your family members and map out your role and connection to them throughout the entire family tree.

Originally created by Alice J. Ramsay in 1987, we took it upon ourselves to update the chart from its original design and give it a fresh look for our readers. With it, you can see how you’re related to family members and your relationship to them in your family tree. As the infographic states, “The relationship in each (section) is what that person’s relationship would be to you, where you are ‘Self.’ As you can see, you, your siblings, your 1st cousins, 2nd cousins, etc., are all in the same generation.”

Pretty cool, right? Be sure to print this chart and carry it with you as you wade your way through any and all family parties this holiday season, or anytime throughout the year.  Math can sometimes be involved when it comes to figuring out the expansive relationships in one’s family, but this chart is a much easier visual tool that puts all of it in a great, simple-to-understand perspective. This chart will help you in your ongoing quest to build your family tree.

It also makes for a great conversation starter, so you can finally have something to say to Uncle Bob.

6 thoughts on “Are You My Relative? Family Relationship Chart and Infographic

  1. Lee Wise

    What is your take on the relationship called Great Uncle, or Great Aunt? I learned a long time ago that Aunts’ and Uncles’ titles should progress just as our parents titles — Uncle, Grand Uncle, Great Grand Uncle, etc.

    Unfortunately, I think, the title ,Great Uncle, has become accepted usage.

    Lee Wise

  2. Patricia Phelan

    Pretty good. Yes icons should be horizontally straight for generations and they should be all same size. I like the color coding.
    I’m going to create my own with rectangles (don’t need people figures) and the above changes. Couldn’t be too difficult.
    The key is to read at an angle.

  3. sa-rah bibbins

    Hello, I would like to get a copy of the genealogy chart that I can enter my information on. Thank you very much for the post

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