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What is Heraldry and a Family Coat of Arms? A Beginner’s Guide

Guest article by John Lehman Esq., Coat of Arms Database

Understanding Heraldry and Family Coat of ArmsHeraldry is both a study of history and of war. What we think of as a family coat-of-arms (commonly referred to as family Crest) was in fact, a way or method of identification soldiers or warriors could use to inform them who their opponents were across a battlefield. It started out as the medieval form of creating a brand similar today of the images we associate with certain commercial products or companies.

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Writing Your Personal History for Genealogy: A Beginner’s Guide

5 Helpful Tips to Start Writing a Personal History

Writing Your Personal History for Genealogy

Photo Credit: Walt Stoneburner via Compfight cc

Even if you’re just beginning your genealogy research, you probably know that searching for information to add to your family tree can take a lot of time, patience and resources. And when you can’t find records or stories on a particular ancestor, it may leave you more than a little frustrated! If you’ve ever thought, “I really wish he had written something about his life!” then why not make things a little easier on future generations of genealogists by writing your own personal history?

Writing a personal history is important not only for genealogy research purposes, but ensures that you’ll leave an accurate legacy that descendants will appreciate and treasure forever. Documenting your own life doesn’t have to be a daunting task, either. The following tips can aid you in the process of writing (and finishing) a personal history.

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Family History vs. Genealogy: What’s the Difference, Anyway?

Understanding the Difference Between Family History and Genealogy

Family History vs. Genealogy
Whether you’re a novice to the world of family history research or have been working on your family’s story for a while, you’ve undoubtedly heard the terms ‘family history’ and ‘genealogy’ used similarly. While each type of research is beneficial to documenting and sharing your family discoveries, the activities associated with each are not one in the same. However, genealogy and family history research work in tandem when it comes to creating a cohesive family tree.

But, what are these differences, exactly, and what are the functions of each research type?

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Fun Family History Research Ideas for Summer

These Activities Will Make Family History Research a Favorite Summer Pastime

Family History Research for SummerAh, summertime! While its longer, lazier days may be beckoning you to just bask in the sun, or head to the pool, you should also think about adding some family history research fun into your summer schedule. Family history activities abound in the summertime — whether they’re indoors, outdoors — or even outside of your hometown! This time of year is especially perfect for family history-related travel, and getting the children of your family involved in family tree building endeavors since they have more free time during the break from school.

Make summertime family time by adding these fun, family-friendly research ideas to your schedule this summer!

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5 Fun Family Holiday Traditions to Celebrate Your Family’s History

Discover Your Family’s Story by Starting New Holiday Traditions

5 Fun Family Holiday Traditions to Celebrate Family HistoryIf you’re already researching your family’s history, then you likely know how cultural traditions and family stories intertwine to give you a better understanding of your ancestors’ lives. And as you celebrate the holidays with extended family members this season, you may find that it’s the best time of year to start new family traditions that will help you learn more about your living relatives, and help you discover family stories.

Family holiday traditions play an important role in families as they can provide a sense of identity to both children and adults, strengthen family bonds and teach family values. Traditions surrounding the holiday season can also inspire new family stories year after year, which can aid future generations in their own family history research and help you with family tree creation today.

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10 Fantastic Family History Instagram Accounts Every Family Historian Should Follow

Stunning & Helpful Instagram Feeds to Help You Discover Your Ancestral Past

Genealogy & Family History Instagram Accounts to FollowLooking for a great place to store, organize and share your family stories? There’s an app for that. Instagram, the mobile app used for photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking allows you to capture family memories with your smartphone or tablet and instantly share your family’s story with the world.

The mobile social networking platform is quickly becoming an important tool for genealogists and family historians to utilize in terms of preserving family memories, learning new research tips, collaborating with family members on their family trees and connecting to others who are passionate about discovering their ancestral pasts.

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Quick-Start Guide to Using Instagram for Family History Research

Tips for Using Instagram to Share Your Family Story

Using Instagram to Research Your Family History

Every family has a story. And preserving your family’s history has become even easier thanks to social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr and Instagram. If you’re looking for a great place to store your family photos. Instagram is becoming quite popular among family historians new and experienced due to its ease of use, interactive features and social sharing capabilities.

Instagram is simply a mobile app that is used for photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking. It enables its users to take pictures and videos with their smartphones or tablets and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Not only does it help with preserving family memories, but it makes it easier for you to collaborate with family members while building your family tree.

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10 Simple Tips to Start Researching Your Family History

How to Kickstart Your Family History Research Right Now

10 Simple Tips to Start Researching Your Family History

Photo Credit: Robin Hutton via Compfight cc

Congratulations! You’ve decided to take on the important task of researching your family’s history. And if you’re like many novice family historians, you’ve likely went straight to online resources such as this one to start a family tree, search historical records and more. But while the Internet has made finding information about your ancestors simpler, beginning your research without a set plan may have caused you to skip some fundamental steps that could make things even easier on you — and far less daunting.

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10 Strange Victorian Foods Your Ancestors Actually Ate

Your Family Members Ate Some Truly Odd Things in the 19th Century

10 Strange Victorian Foods Your Ancestors Actually Ate

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As you’ve been researching your family’s history, you’ve more than likely discovered some of your food heritage preserved in the form of family recipes. Perhaps you’ve found that Great Aunt Lucy’s amazing cherry pie recipe has been passed down for decades, and your mother’s recipe for the gooiest, baked mac ‘n’ cheese was actually your grandma’s creation. And while you’re excited to share these recipes and their stories with your younger family members, some recipes you may come across in your research should probably be left..uncooked.

In fact, in addition to their wacky hobbies, your Victorian ancestors also liked to eat some strange (and often quite disturbing) foods.

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