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5 Fun Family History Activities for the Holidays

Make Your Holiday Get Together Memorable with These Genealogy Activities

Family History Activities & Projects for the HolidaysThe holiday season is a wonderful time to gather with our loved ones. It may even be the only time of year that you can visit with certain family members who live far away. This is why the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to gather around relatives to talk about genealogy and your family tree.

Make your holidays even more memorable this year by trying out some of these fun family history activities at your annual get together.

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7 Ways to Turn Family Tree Creation into a Fun Family Event

There is no better time of year to learn more about your family’s history than during the holidays — a time when family matters most.

Family Holiday Dinner Table

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And with your extended family surrounding you this holiday season, with a little effort and planning, you can learn more about them than you ever imagined possible in just one evening of celebrating.

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