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Free Resources for Finding Death Records Online

Where to Find Ancestors’ Death Records Online for Free

Where to Find Free Death Records Online for Genealogy

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If you’re on the hunt for an ancestor’s death certificate, you may not have to look too hard. This is because death records can often be some of the easiest types of vital records to find — especially when searching online. These records can also offer up some of the most valuable information and interesting tidbits that often lead to other genealogical discoveries and unknown ancestors to add to your family tree.

Death certificates may include your ancestor’s date and place of birth, names of other family members like parents, a spouse, their children and next of kin. Sometimes death records include information on your ancestor’s military service, a cause of death and even where your relative was buried which can be helpful as you conduct cemetery research.

But if you’re searching for death records online, where should you even begin? The following resources will aid you in your search as you begin to look for family members’ death records online — and they’re all free to use!

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3 Great Reasons Why Every Genealogist Should Use Flickr

Guest Article by Lisa Lisson, Genealogist & Family Historian

3 Great Reasons Why Every Genealogist Should Use FlickrThe popular photo and video hosting website, Flickr, is a tool that has been added to my “genealogy toolbox.” It has a wealth of possibilities for the genealogist. (Did I mention Flickr is free?!)

For instance, I specialize in North Carolina genealogy. The State Archives of North Carolina has a Flickr account in which they have shared over 6500 photographs pertaining to North Carolina history. Photographs of individuals (both identified and unidentified) from a variety of time periods and areas about the state can be found. Photographs of locations, historic areas and even maps can also be found and all add color to ancestors’ lives.

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Genealogy for Free: The Big List of Free Genealogy Sites

Genealogy Research

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Sure, genealogy research takes many years of hard work, but you shouldn’t have to pay a ton of money to do it. In fact, there are many free resources out there that will help you conduct family history research and construct a family tree for free.

Here’s our comprehensive list of free genealogy sites that will help you do everything from discover a previously unknown relative to build your entire family tree with input and advice from other genealogists around the world: Continue reading