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4 Ways Voter Registration Records Can Aid Genealogy Research

How United States Voter Records Can Help You Build a Family Tree

How Voter Registration Records Can Help with Genealogy ResearchDuring this election season, you are probably thinking more about who you are voting for rather than the information you provide on your voter registration form. But if you take a closer look at the details these forms collect, you will soon realize that voter records hold a treasure trove of data that can be helpful in building a family tree.

And just as many of us have the privilege to vote in America, as did some of the ancestors who came before us. While United States voter records are oft overlooked in the genealogy research process, they may lead you to an unknown ancestor, clues that provide you with more direction when you run into a brick wall, and a slew of other genealogical discoveries.

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Free Resources for Finding Death Records Online

Where to Find Ancestors’ Death Records Online for Free

Where to Find Free Death Records Online for Genealogy

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If you’re on the hunt for an ancestor’s death certificate, you may not have to look too hard. This is because death records can often be some of the easiest types of vital records to find — especially when searching online. These records can also offer up some of the most valuable information and interesting tidbits that often lead to other genealogical discoveries and unknown ancestors to add to your family tree.

Death certificates may include your ancestor’s date and place of birth, names of other family members like parents, a spouse, their children and next of kin. Sometimes death records include information on your ancestor’s military service, a cause of death and even where your relative was buried which can be helpful as you conduct cemetery research.

But if you’re searching for death records online, where should you even begin? The following resources will aid you in your search as you begin to look for family members’ death records online — and they’re all free to use!

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Labor Union Ancestors: How to Find Them

Tips & Resources for Finding Your Labor Union Ancestors

It’s almost Labor Day! For most Americans this means a three-day weekend to enjoy the last moments of summer. But Monday, September 5 is more than just a federal holiday. In fact, the only reason we can hold our annual Labor Day cookouts with friends and family is because of our hard-working ancestors who participated in the U.S. labor movement. In 1880, the average American actually worked 12 hours per day! Your 9 to 5 job, employee benefits, paid vacations and a slew of other privileges wouldn’t exist without the formation of labor unions.

So, in addition to holding that annual cookout, think about spending some of your extra time this weekend to conduct genealogy research on your labor union ancestors. After all, they gave us the day off in the first place!

But where can you find information on your union ancestors, and how do you figure out if any of your ancestors belonged to unions? This article will offer resources and tips on finding your ancestors that belonged to labor unions so you can add their union stories to your family tree.

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5 Great Places to Find Military Records Online

How to Find Free Military Records of Your Ancestors Online

Find Military Records Online for Free

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Memorial Day is approaching, and this time of year is the perfect time to research military records of your ancestors. If your family consists of military servicemen and women, chances are you’ve heard quite a few stories to add to your family tree. Even if you haven’t heard of any ancestors who served in the military, you may be surprised at what you can uncover while researching military records — including long lost ancestors you may not currently know about!

Searching military records is an important step in the genealogy research process. While there isn’t a definitive way to begin your research, following some key steps can make the searching process simpler, whether you’re searching offline or online. And to make your search for military records even easier (on the wallet, especially!), the following websites may help aid you as you conduct research — and they’re all free to use!

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How to Find Birth Records for Genealogy

Guidelines for Finding & Obtaining Your Ancestors’ Birth Records

How to Find Birth Records for Genealogy

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Finding the birth records of your ancestors is an important part of genealogy research because just like other vital records, they can help you uncover family stories, additional ancestors and surnames you may be missing from your family tree. While some birth records are available online, others can only be found in archives or repositories where you must request copies of your ancestor’s birth certificate. But there are some basic guidelines that you can follow no matter where the birth certificate is located, or when your ancestor was born.

The following steps will help you discover how to obtain copies of your United States ancestors’ birth records for genealogy purposes.

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U.S. Census Then and Now: 1790 – 2010

A Look at the United States Census Through the Decades

Can you believe the U.S. census has been taken every ten years since 1790? While these records play an important role in reapportioning seats in the House of Representatives and realigning congressional districts, they are also helpful when conducting genealogy research.

The National Archives and Records Administration maintains decennial census records from 1790 to 1940 only. This is because records after 1940 are still confidential, as all census records remain that way or 72 years for privacy purposes.

But while you can’t readily search through records from 1950 through 2010 (unless you are the person named on the record or an heir), you can educate yourself on the history of censuses as well as the questions they provided. This is actually an important lesson when it comes to your genealogy research — and one that can aid you when adding stories to your family tree!  Because census questionnaires have changed quite drastically since 1790 due to both political and technological advancements, you should know the types of information you’re searching for in any given decade.

In this article, we will peer into the history and questionnaires of the U.S. census to better understand how these records can be used for genealogy research.

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5 Best Ways to Begin Searching Veterans Records for Genealogy

Getting Started Guide to Searching Military & Veterans Records 

How to Begin Searching Veterans Records for Genealogy

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If you have any military veterans in your family, you’ve likely heard some incredible stories from family members who bravely served our country or were stationed overseas. But as for your ancestors who passed long ago, it can be more difficult to learn their military stories or anything else about their lives since you’re unable to see or speak to them.

One of the most important steps in conducting genealogy research is the act of searching through veterans and military records to find detailed information about your family members who were servicemen and women. Not only that, but military records are invaluable to learning more about the families that these honorable men and women left behind. But where should you even start when it comes to researching military and veterans records?

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Top 10 Genealogy Blogs You Need to Be Reading

top genealogy blogs postIf there’s one thing to know about genealogy, it’s that there is a limitless wealth of information about it – from learning about starting your genealogy research to discovering how to properly take care of family heirlooms, there are so many elements to consider and organize.

But that’s why we’re here to help. Below, we’ve provided ten genealogy blogs that you need to be following right now to work your way towards becoming an expert in genealogy and creating your own family tree. Continue reading