Using Facebook Photos to Tell Your Family Story on Crestleaf

Importing Facebook Photos to Create Your Family Story

Every family has a story to be told. And whether you’re just getting started on your family tree or have been researching your family history and studying genealogy for years, there are many stories still left to be discovered and shared throughout one’s lifetime. Here at Crestleaf, we know how important it is to preserve your family’s legacy in photo and story form, so we’ve made archiving and sharing your family photos and stories easier using the tools found in our family tree builder. The best part of all? You can connect Facebook to archive your photos and stories in a snap!

Photo Credit: megatrak via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: megatrak via Compfight cc

This step-by-step guide with photos will walk you through how simple it is to not only preserve your family’s legacy, but also share your tree with family members so they can collaborate — making the family tree creation process even easier.

How to Utilize Facebook to Share Your Family Story

Step 1: Sign In to Your Crestleaf Account

Sign In to Crestleaf

First things first, sign in to your account like you normally would. If you don’t have an account already, you’ll be prompted to create one at sign-in.

Step 2: Click Option “Sign in with Facebook”

Crestleaf Sign In Popup Window

When the pop-up window appears, simply click “Sign in with Facebook” so Crestleaf can access your Facebook timeline.

Step 3: Access Your Memorybox

Crestleaf Memorybox Location

Once you’re logged in, click on “Memorybox” located on the top navigation bar.

 Step 4: Save Photos from Facebook

Crestleaf Memorybox Save Photos from Facebook

Now you’re almost ready to easily store your best family moments from Facebook. Throwback Thursday photos from childhood can now be preserved for a lifetime! Simply click “Save Photos from Facebook.

Step 5: Browse Your Facebook Photos

Crestleaf Memorybox Imported Photos

In a jiffy, every photo you (and others) have shared on your Facebook timeline, plus photos you were tagged in, will be imported to Crestleaf. Browse through them to relive the memories and pick and choose which ones you’d like to save to your Memorybox.

Step 6: Save Photos in Memorybox

Save to Memorybox Crestleaf Family Tree

Once you find a photo you know you want to save forever, click the “Save in Memorybox” button located beneath the photo.

Photo Saved to Crestleaf Memorybox

To be sure the photo is saved, always look to see that the button underneath the photo changes to “Saved in Memorybox.

Photo Saved in Memorybox

And now when you click on “Memorybox” in the top navigation bar, each photo you’ve saved will appear just like that! You can also edit photo descriptions and titles within your Memorybox whenever you’d like.

Step 7: Organized Your Preserved Photos on Your Timeline

Click on Timeline

This is one of the coolest parts of all: seeing your family memories archived on your Crestleaf timeline! From here, you can organize all of your photos you’ve added from Facebook. For example, if your parents were married in 1952, you can then add a photo from their wedding to that specific date in your timeline. And if you have other photos you’d like to add that aren’t on Facebook, you can select and import them to your timeline from your computer, as well.

Step 8:  Share & Collaborate with Family Members 

Share Your Family Tree Crestleaf

Even cooler? When you click on “Family Tree” located on the top navigation bar, you can share your Crestleaf family tree, timeline and Memorybox, plus invite family members to collaborate on the family story and photo preservation process!

Simply click the “Share” button located next to a family member’s name who you’ve already added to your tree. From there, you’ll be prompted to email them with an invite. Family tree creation is so much more fun (and simpler!) when you get the entire family involved!

What other simple techniques do you use to preserve your family stories and photos? Let us know in the comments, and try our Facebook photo archiving feature today!

CLICK HERE to begin the process of preserving your family memories from Facebook, and build your Crestleaf family tree. 





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